Our company was founded in the year 2013 and since then we have grown considerably as a casting, marketing, commercial writing and production as well as full service media company. We launched both are sports clothing product line, sound and music studio as well as our video and media production company all at the same time. From a multitier approach Carneig was able to not only focus in on its own original brand would build branded solutions and materials for the future success of our clients. We have only continued to expand with our talent and our own brand success. As a result of our experience, the equipment that we have gathered as well as the employees that we have assembled under one roof, we can work at building the best possible results for all of our customers. As we continue to expand it's our goal to eventually become a one-stop shop for all media needs. In order to do this we will continue to research the future of the market, seamlessly integrate new technology into our business as well as regularly retrain our staff in all of the latest practices. Overall it is our goal to have companies trust Carneig in creating all of their professional marketing materials. We can coordinate with companies to perform the process of creating product shots, full- scale commercials, ongoing social media content and more. Many of our partners have used us to create items for their webpage, build television commercials and more. We welcome the chance to work with companies in any industry and we will continue to place emphasis into our sports clothing and T-shirts for men and women. We remain extremely passionate about selling athletic wear and building a brand that is synonymous with quality, value and comfort.

Our Services

We offer extensive services as a multipurpose entertainment company. Carneig wants to become a one- stop shop for the media needs of companies in almost any industry. We can provide a wide combination of services ranging from marketing tools to professional videography and more. Some of our main professional services include: Photography: Our photography department can provide assistance in the form of professional product shots, portraits and more. With a wide array of professional photography tools and editing software, we can build beautiful and professional shots to get your company noticed. Branding Consultation: Our Branding consultation experts can help to come up with an ideal plan for the future of your brand and company. As brand strategists we can work it creating everything from professional logos and materials to determining the secret success of finding your branded voice in commercials. Commercial Writing and production: We can write professional scripts for radio, television and more. Video Production: Our video production services can create videos which are perfect for web advertising, TV advertising and more. Our video production and writing staff members are ready to build products that are suitable for reaching your audience. Casting Services: We can provide assistance with professional casting services for commercials, radio and a variety of other marketing campaign. We can draw from a worldwide talent pool to deliver video production solutions that will benefit your company. Marketing Management: we can manage full-scale marketing campaigns over social media as well as design products that will fit in line with any number of marketing campaigns you might have. Through marketing management we can keep multiple forms of advertising support available to assist with your branding effort. Sound editing: We can perform sound editing as well as provide voiceovers/ music for a variety of different commercials and video content. Through our sound editing solutions we can deliver videos/ sound which are ready to air on TV, radio or perfect for use in a variety of web settings. Contact Carneig today for more information on our services and if you are interested in starting a consultation appointment with our staff members.